We have a lot of island support in helping run the festival each year, of which we are hugely grateful. Colm builds the showers and lavatories, Kitchens across the island help with the players tea. Will cuts and rolls the pitch. LIam and Gen sort the music. Dave (the Colonsay doctor) bandages up the injured rugby players, David and Sarah loan masses of crates and fence posts. There are so many helpers, particularly the Ochalochs, who fill in the holes and pull up the weeds in the pitch! And Margo runs the admin tent and then decorates the marquee for the ceilidh on the saturday night. Musicians across the island play in a live band at the ceilidh on the saturday night.

The rest of the work is done by the Middleton family, who have come to Colonsay for many years. Rupert does the commentary, Julia makes the players tea and supports the doctor. Their five children have all taken different roles over the years. The eldest Mo founded the Festival and is the captain of the Ochalochs. The youngest son Tom now does all the work in the week before and the middle daughter Kate recruits the teams through the year and leads on the day. Emma and Rachel then do whatever they are told!