The Colonsay Brewery

We sell local beer at the Festival from the Colonsay brewery, Leann Cholbhasa, 
their local IPA and increasingly their gin are hugely popular among the rugby players! 
The Brewery kindly sponsors the Festival.

The Pantry

The Pantry, run by Gavin, sells endless burgers, buns and pies to the players, running the BBQ till 12pm both  evenings.
The Pantry kindly sponsors the Festival.

              The Colonsay Estate and Colonsay Hotel

The Colonsay Estate gives us with the Festival site, the posts and all the much needed machinery to set up the Festival. 
The Hotel, The Colonsay, sells food and drink for the players on Sunday and will store players bags on the sunday afternoon.
The Colonsay Estate kindly sponsors the Festival.

If you would like to be a sponsor - financial or in kind - please contact colonsayrugbyfestival@gmail.com