Our fantastic refs: John, Nathan and Alex

Some of the teams who come regularly are featured below...


Oban men, victors of 2012, semi-finalists 2013 

Oban men are captained by Struan Smith. Oban take a speed boat over to the island, bringing 25 players this last year! Winning the golden boot, Oban prove fierce competition for any team they face. 


The Ochaloch bears, finalists 2012, victors of 2013

The bears are the local team, captained by Tim Gabelko. The Ochalochs arrive early each year to help prepare the pitch and set up the marquee. 


Lomond School Old Boys, finalists 2013

Lomond are a local team, attending the festival for the first time in 2013. Lomond are captained by Fraser McClelland. Lomond were narrowly beaten by the Ochalochs in the final in 2013.  


Strathendrick attended the festival for the first time in 2013. The team is formed by Dave Beaumont and his son with some individual stars providing brilliant rugby. 


Invermerchie, semi-finalists 2013

Invermerchie is an amalgamation of two teams: Inverlith and Merchiston. Inverlith are a founding team from 2012. The team is captained by Robert Ryan. Merchiston are a team of leavers from Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh. Together, the Invermerchies proved a huge success in 2013, reaching the semi-finals. 

Womens teams


Oban are a local team, playing in the festival for the first time in 2013. 

Edinburgh Warthogs

Edinburgh Warthogs, victors 2012, 2013

The Warthogs are a touring side, captained by Amanda Bryne. The Warthogs are the undefeated champions of the Colonsay Rugby Festival. 

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