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Colonsay is a small Island off the west coast of Scotland. To get too it you have the option of a ferry, plane or speed boat - sounds difficult but it is well worth it!


   CALMAC ferry - this is the easiest way to get to the island and the one we expect most people to use. The ferry runs from Oban (on the main land) to the Colonsay harbour. The best ferries for the weekend are:

   Friday 24th July - Oban approx 16 30 - Colonsay 19:20 (please double check times closer to the date)

   Sunday 26th July - approx Colonsay 19:00 - Oban 22:25

   Get booking at:


   Other transport options include hiring speed boats or arriving by plane:





We are running the festival at Machrines beach on the west side of the island, next to the airstrip. The site will include the rugby pitch, a beautiful beach, the festival marquees and basic toilets. The site is fairly isolated so that we can party late and be on a beautiful beach!


You do not need a car on the island. We will transport you to the festival site from the harbour when you arrive and leave where there will be amenities, including food & drink, toilets, camping site, pitches and marquees.