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Things to bring


CASH - there is no cash point on the island. You can use your card at the General Shop and at the Colonsay but on the festival site only cash can be accepted you will need £5 per person to get into the ceilidh in the evening.


TOILET ROLL - we will be providing it but inevitably it will run out. All of you who have camped before know that this is the most important camping accessory.


TORCH - the festival site will have lights but the walkways between the marquees and campsite/toilets will not exactly be street lighting. Bring a torch!


WATERPROOF - I hate to tempt fate but just in case (it wont, but just in case) it rains you will want to have a waterproof!


SCOTTISH MIDGE REPELLANT - given that we are just off the beach there should be a good breeze to keep away these evil life-ruining little creatures... but just in case bring military strength midge killing cream...


INSURANCE FORM - please please bring your signed form for players only.