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This is a social tournament! Please enter into the spirit of things. No shouting at the refs, no foul play, outrageous flair or hits should be met with a cheer, we must all be best friends after the games and it is mandatory to talk up any moments of brilliance (if you didn't have any... make them up!). We will play to the official IRB Rules - key rules:


1.      10s tournament for men and 7's for women

2.      10 minute halves

3.      Unlimited subs - within reason

4.      Any serious foul play will be met with a red card and a ban for the rest of the day

5.      You cannot pick up players from other teams unless your team is facing serious injury problems

6.      All teams must abide by any decisions made by tournament organisers and official referees

7.      All teams and campers must clear up around their own camping area.


The tournament will comprise of a group stage and then knock outs to ensure that all teams play at least 3/4 games of rugby. The exact schedule will be decided closer to the time, but if you want to win it expect to play 4/5 games, if you are coming for the sun / drinking expect to play a maximum of 3 games!

At the Ceilidh in the evening we ask you not to put our licence at risk.