The Festival will take place on Saturday 27th July 2013 with men’s and ladies games scheduled throughout the day. Teams and their supporters will arrive on the Friday boat (see Caledonian macbrayne web site), by plane from Oban (Hebridean Air Services), or by Rib (Seafari or Coastal Connection). There is plenty of accommodation available on the island (see cottages or hotel or backpackers) as well as a campsite close to the rugby pitch which is surrounded by fields and the beautiful Machrins beach. Spectators and players will be kept refreshed throughout the day by The Colonsay Brewery. There will be entertainment provided on the Saturday night, including a celidah, at which there will be an entrance fee. On Sunday there will be a cricket match on Colonsay's ICC standard pitch. To see the pitch on Google maps click below on "sat".

Rugby Pitch